Lite Package

Cut straight to the chase with this 1 minute video.  Viewers will learn who you are and how you can help them.  We will give you the tools to optimize the video yourself online.

  • 1-minute video with background music. Ends with a call to action.

  • 1 scripted interview with the business owner or customer.

  • 1-hour video shoot which includes the interview and filming b-roll.

  • DIY video optimizing tutorials.

Creative Process:

  1. You will receive and fill out the will out questionnaire script (4 total questions) before filming.

  2. We will film the scripted interview and b roll at your location.

  3. Then we will edit the footage and add music, your logo, and a call to action.

  4. Finally, we will produce the video and give you the steps to optimize the video yourself online.

Ready to take action?