Pro Package

Hit a home run with this package. Take your viewers on a journey as they see your customer overcome their challenge with your help.  We'll optimize this video across all of your platforms.

  • 2 - 5 minute video with background music. Ends with a call to action.

  • 1 interview with a customer and 1 - 2 other supporting interviews.

  • Full day video shoot which includes the interview with your customer and filming b-roll.

  • We will optimize this video on all of your social media channels and produce an additional 1-minute version as well for you to use on social media.

Creative Process:

  1. We will conduct pre interview with your customer and business owner and create storyboard for your video.

  2. Then we will film a full day shoot. We will record the interviews and b-roll footage of your customer.

  3. Then we will edit the footage and add music, your logo, and a call to action.

  4. Finally, we will produce the video and optimize it on all of your social media channels to reach your target audience. You will receive a 1-minute version as well.

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